Bassera Woods


Basserra Woods has a solid structure that is fitted with industrially advanced machinery covering a wide area of 3 bigha. The newest machines and technology empower in immaculate production of timber. we have the latest collection of automatic Bandsaw and Horizontal Trolly machine. A sound set up is the need of any organisation. The factory is well-armed with all the facilities like canteen, storeroom and other fundamentals. All the divisions of work are in harmony with the other so that the manufacturing is flawless and defect free.

This unit is proficiently held by a team of 13 trained and professional specialists who sensibly pay minute courtesy to each and every aspect of the manufacturing process. The employees pay greatest importance to the fact that the product delivered to the customers meet the explicit requirements of the clients. The team and staff of the company is primarily accountable for the achievement in this domain. The manufacturing unit is equipped with ultra-modern machinery like sawing machines and plaining machines, all compliant to international standards. Our trained labour and carpenters has proficiency on the machinery who curate accurate size of timber.